Now, as an avid user of Real Techniques products, I couldn’t help but buy myself this set from Superdrug which was on offer for £7.99. Yes, £7.99 – what a steal! Within the set is a cheek brush, duo-fiber contour brush and a retractable lip brush.



rt-duo-fibre rt-powder-brush

Perfect for blush and highlighting, the exclusive cheek brush within this set helps apply makeup across the cheekbone for a more ‘dramatic’ finish. Densely packed UltraPlush bristles helps the make up your are applying glide on evenly whilst blending really well.

This brush is definitely one you need if you are a highlighting queen! I found the brush works really well with powder highlighters, it creates a precise glow and looks flawless.


rt-contour-brush1 rt-contour-brush

Contour, a beauty trick which has taken the industry by storm and what would we do without a good old contour brush? I was an avid user of the Morphe Contour brush until this little gem came along! The bristles are super fine yet super packed enough to give you a ‘strong’ contour look.

I love to use this brush with my The Balm Bahama Mama bronzer, my go-to product at the minute for contour but also use it with my NYX and ABH powder contour kits.

Controlled contouring and sculpting with this brush will leave you looking defined, sculpted and looking fabulous!


rt-lip-brush1 rt-lip-brush

Applying lip makeup is something I always tend to struggle with, mostly when it comes to applying a matte lip which dry pretty quickly! This retractable lip brush applies your lip colour smoothly and help contour the lines of the lip for added definition.

I have used this with multiple lip products include MAC, Colourpop, NARS & Sleek – it’s worked well with matte lipsticks which is great to apply with as you don’t get it in areas you don’t want it to go. (Yes, a bad habit of mine is getting lipstick around my lips, you know when you apply Colourpop and then it takes a year to get it off? Yeah that’s me!) – But this brush makes it so much easier for me!

It comes with a cap so you can retract, cover and go mobile with it! Great for travelling!

Overall, I am really happy and impressed with this RT kit and for £7.99 its an absolute bargain! You can find out more information about it and buy it here. (I hope its still £7.99 by time you come to look at it!)

What’s your favourite Real Techniques products? Let me know!

Thanks for reading, Rachel ♥

  • What a great deal! I love Real Techniques brushes. I own this set myself, and the cheek brush is my favourite of the three. I use the lip brush for applying eyeshadow on the lower lash line because I don’t really use lip brushes haha, works a treat!

    • It’s fab isn’t it! Oooh I’ll have to try it to apply shadow to my lower lash line! Good thinking!
      Thanks lovely xx

  • HettyAshAsiabee

    What a really good deal on Real Techniques brushes! I’m sold

    • Such a good deal isn’t it! I couldn’t quite believe it! Thanks for commenting lovely x

  • I love Real Technique brushes! And this is such a great price.
    Robyn //

    • Fab price isn’t it! RT brushes are amazing! Thanks lovely x

  • Ahh i love the Real Techniques brushes! these look amazing! I don’t actually have these ones and it sounds like a bargain though! x

    • Amazing aren’t they! Couldn’t believe it was only £7.99 for the set! Thanks for the comment lovely x

  • Ashley Relton

    I’ve used RT for years and I don’t think I’ll ever stray! I’ve never seen these ones before but that’s an absolute bargain so I’ll definitely look more into these!


  • Debra-Bow

    £7.99?! WHAT A STEAL! I need this sooooo bad. Brilliant review as always Rachel. Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxxx

    • I know right!? Couldn’t quite believe it! Thanks lovely xxxx

  • Jessica Kennedy

    i LOVE RT brushes! I always forget about them now i have spectrum ones but will need to have a nose next time im out shopping xXx

    • So good and so affordable! Thanks for commenting x

  • Hannah

    I love real technique brushes! I especially love the setting brush and complexion sponge!

    Hannah |

    • The sponges are fab aren’t they! Thanks for commenting lovely x

  • Soph xoxo

    I’m definetley going to have to keep an eye out for this set next time i go makeup shopping.

    Ps: Loved your photography

    Soph x

    • Don’t blame you! can’t go wrong for £7.99! Thanks for reading & commenting xx

  • Hannah

    I really need a contour brush desperately so this one sounds perfect! Adding it to my Santa list now! Great post xxx

    • Totally recommend it! So worth it for the price! Thanks for commenting lovely x

  • Your photography is always on point, girl! Well done! I really need to pick up this set just for the lip makeup brush, I always get it all over my mouth and end up looking like a clown hahah! I’ll be adding some Real Techniques brushes to my Christmas wishlist!

    Abbey 🎄

    • Aw thank you!! 🙊 And ah same here the lip handy comes in really handy! Thanks for commenting 🙂 xx

  • Sian…

    I love Real Technique brushes now I’ve tried them! Have you seen the full brush kit for £40 in Boots? I’m very tempted! I might put them on my Christmas list! Amazing photos once again!

    Sian x

  • Oh what a bargain! I have a few people who would love this for Christmas so I’ll have to see if it’s still available at that price

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  • RT are my favourite brushes and find them so under rated!! That set looks amazing!! I think I need the Duo-Fiber Contour Brush in my life!!
    What a bargain, great post!! xox

  • Kerry McGruer

    I loveeeee Real Techniques! I try and pick up a few different kinds of their brushes, especially if they are on sale!
    Great post….I really want to try the cheek brush now!

  • Rianne Mitchell

    Real Techniques is the best! And so affordable! Fingers crossed they still have this offer when I pop in x

  • i love real techniques brushes and i am always on a hunt for their latest releases ! this set is absolutely a great value !

  • £7.99?!? Are you kidding me!! Definitely jumping on that, my favourite is actually probably the lip brush, a girl can always have more!! xxx