Now, finding new brands is something I love – especially when its a brand which is hyped about a lot in America, in particular Sephora and makes it way over to the UK! Know Cosmetics have a range or products which are now available here in the UK and can be purchased online and at Superdrug.

I was kindly gifted two items from the product range to try out – and my gosh, I have fallen in love. The two products sent to me where NO THIN LIPS and NO DARK SHADOWS.


No thin lips has to be a must have product for me now. After months and months of being so insecure about my lips – I’m not going to lie, lip fillers were on my mind but the huge fear of needles severely put me off. No thin lips is so easy to apply – just like a lip gloss add the desired amount and watch your lips plump!

Now I have tried multiple lip plumping glosses such as Lip Voltage and Dior’s however neither have done anything but cause me pain! No thin lips does have a slight burning/tingle sensation when applied but it’s not too harsh and only lasts a minute or two. The gloss is also really hydrating making your lips perfectly plump for when you want to apply that lippy!

Retailing at £15.00, the price tag is great. Although I know using this will not plump my lips as much as having 2ml of fillers, but I personally would rather pay £15.00 for this amazing little tube then pay for needles and pain at over the odd costs!


This concealer is so light and creamy yet works miracles. It enhances your complexion, has medium and waterproof coverage and diffuses light pigments to soften those dark shadows. Since using this under my eyes I have seen a huge difference and my whole eye area looks so much brighter after applying this over my foundation!

Not only is this product great for enhancing and brightening those dark, dull areas it also conceals any imperfections you may have! The product is available in two shades which are WOW and PIZAZZ. WOW is for those with rose undertones and PIZAZZ is for those with yellow undertones.

You can pick No Dark Shadows up for just £15,00!

Along side the two products which I have been trying out, Know Cosmetics have two other products in there range which are No Bare Brows which is a universal 4-in-1 brow fixer and No Bleeding Lips which is a ‘secret’ lip liner. Both No Thin Lips and No Dark Shadows have been great additions to my make up collection and I can’t wait to try out the other two products available in the UK! I know they are going to be just as amazing as the two I have tried!

You can find more information and buy the products from Know Cosmetics here.

Have you tried any products from Know Cosmetics yet? I’d love to know!

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*The products mentioned in this post were gifted to me for review. All thoughts and opinions on the products are my own views.