Lately my skin has been super dry – I’m not sure whether its because of the change of season or if its due to the fact the products I am currently using aren’t working. I was kindly sent the DR ParPaw Original Balm to try out – I have seen so many people rave about this stuff so I was pretty excited to give it a shot!

At first, I just thought this was a lip balm – *being the typical person who doesn’t read labels thoroughly* and for the first few days I used this solely on my lips. After a few days use, I did see a huge difference – my lips felt smoother and the dryness had disappeared!

I only came to realisation after looking online to purchase some of the balm for my friend that the product actually has multiple ways it can be used.

Providing relief for chapped/sore lips is one of many ways this yellow tube of goodness can be used! Other ways in which it can be used include as a moisturiser, hair conditioning treatment, nail and cuticles treatment as well as having healing properties to help sunburn and can also be used as a nappy cream!

I have been using this regularly around my nose area as its been super dry over the past few weeks, after around six applications of this the skin in that area cleared up so well. BYE BYE FLAKY SKIN!

After having a set of acrylic nails done the other week, the nail technician advised me to use cuticle oil daily to keep them in good condition whilst having nail enhancements on. Instead, I thought I would give the Dr PawPaw balm a try on my cuticles. I applied the products twice a day to the cuticles and upon returning to my next nail appointment was asked which cuticle oil I was using… they was stunned when I said I was using the Dr PawPaw balm!

Having a beauty product which has multiple uses is great in today’s world – a balm which hydrates lips, moisturises skin, helps nails and cuticles and many other uses, what more could a girl want? The balm retails at £6.95 and you can purchase it here. The price tag on this product is less than I expected for such a high quality product and its safe to say I have already purchased this for family members and will personally continue to use this daily!

Did you know DR PawPaw has recently been awarded with a PETA badge which ensures all of their products are 100% cruelty free and vegan!? Well done Dr PawPaw – fab and exciting news!

Have you tried any Dr PawPaw products? I can’t wait to try out the rest of the range!

Thanks for reading, xo

*This Post Contains PR Samples but all thoughts and opinions are my own as always.