Defining your cheeks with contour, being over excited to visit the department store or perfecting that eyeliner wing – we all know someone who is a beauty fanatic and quite frankly one of them is me! Whether you know me personally or through blogging – I’m sure you know my overly excited passion for beauty products!

1. Eye-shadow palettes and plenty of them

Probably all of the Naked Palettes – One for every mood and each day – why not!?


2. The struggles you face when it comes to travelling

I don’t know if it’s just me but when it comes to travelling and down sizing my daily make-up products I find it such a struggle! Why can’t I have a 20kg suitcase dedicated to beauty products!?

3. Going into Boots for one thing..

N E V E R H A P P E N S.

How is it possible to grace yourself amongst the beauty counters and not pick something up? Going in for a £3.00 meal deal and coming out £50 poorer is kinda a regular occurrence for me.


4. Feeling like a kid in a toy store every time you buy a new product!

The sheer excitement when you purchase that new highlighter you have been wanting for ages and fall madly in love with it. Everyone should be happy for you, right? 😉


5. “You don’t need that shade you have about 5 similar ones”

UH-OH. No I don’t – Ruby Woo and Russian Red are two totally different shades.


6. Buying products for the pretty packaging

Oh but look how beautiful this gold packaging is – I NEED IT.

7. ‘Spending Ban’s don’t work..

Your bank balance says no but your heart says yes – How can I not purchase that beautiful new contour palette which has just been brought out or that new fragrance everyone is talking about?


8. The sheer excitement for new product releases..

So that new foundation you have been lusting over is set to release at 5am UK time. Of course you have alarms set every ten minutes from 4am to ensure you wake up for it!

You’ve seen your favourite brand tweet that their new products are coming out next week – of course you text all your friends to tell them!


9. Sundays are used wisely

To clean your brushes, of course. And maybe sort through the 101 lipsticks you have…

10. The questions you hate..

“Why do you have so much make-up?” or “Why do you wear so much make-up?”


 I could go on and on and I’m pretty sure a lot of you can relate to these signs of being a beauty addict!

Be sure to let me know if you relate to any of these!